40-car pile-up turns Milwaukee highway into parking lot

Snow and ice made for a mess of roads in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and causing a pile-up that involved at least 40 cars.

The Sunday snow storm triggered the wreck that injured several people and shut down to the southbound lanes. Many of the cars involved in the accident were left temporarily, as the drivers and passengers were taken to safety.

While Wisconsin residents are familiar with the winter weather, this day stood out.

"There's been some large wrecks before but this is definitely one of the largest," said Michelle Schultz, a tow-truck driver.

Driver say they won't forget this day, especially after seeing some of the accidents.

"We were really taken aback by the first one because like I said the car was just mangled and I don't know how anyone could have survived that," Arel Edmond said.

It was a tough day for everyone on the roads and Shultz had some advice that's applicable to Oklahoma residents too.

"Do not go on the roads and if you do, you have to drive slow, people are driving way too fast."