4-year-old boy found high at Edmond school; grandma, aunt arrested

Sandra Martinez and Peggy Pierman were arrested after a 4-year-old boy was found high at a pre-k school last Friday.

The Edmond Police Department said a pre-k student was found high and smelling of marijuana in school last week.

Nancy Nowlen is shocked to find out her next door neighbor, Sandra Martinez, is accused of sending her 4-year-old grandson to school high on marijuana.

"She's really a nice lady. I know she loves her grandson a lot. I think it's stupid to do it all. I don't approve of it."

Edmond Police say Martinez admitted to smoking marijuana in front of the child while he was getting ready for school Friday morning. Police say when the 4-year-old showed up for class at Cross Timbers Elementary it was students who noticed something was wrong. They say he was acting different and something was wrong with his eyes

"His eyes were dilated and watery, he was very lethargic and smelled like marijuana," said Jenny Monroe with Edmond Police.

Monroe said Martinez showed up later in the day to pick up her grandson. Her sister Peggy Pierman was with her. According to police both admitted they smoked marijuana before coming to pick up the child.

"We arrested both woman for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia," said Monroe.

"I'm really disappointed in her," said Nancy. She still still cannot believe what happened.

"To do it around a child is really not too smart."

She hopes her neighbor learned a valuable lesson.

"I hope the best for her and that she gets help."

The child was released to his mother. She is not involved in the case.