3rd grader describes how bullying makes her feel to mom

(KXJB) Every school deals with bullying to some degree.But you may have never seen a community reaction quite like this.In a last ditch effort to get a response from the Fosston public school district, a mom posted a video on a news station's Facebook page, hoping to blow the whistle on this issue.The video has gone viral in which her children describe the alleged bullying and how painful it can be. KXJB reports more than 10,000 people shared the video.Watch the entire video here."How's it make you feel inside when these kids keep doing it? Sad...and it hurts my feelings," says the little girl on her facebook post.This third grade girl's brother has to describe what the bullying at school is like for his big sister as she cries her eyes out."This guy on the playground said your gonna die by suicide and they called me a son of a ***** and a mother ******," says the girl's little brother.Her mother Sarah Cymbaluk says that she has had to deal with her daughters lowest points consistently the last several months."You tell her you're stronger than that. Better than that. You tell them their worth something. Because they feel they're worth nothing. Tell them there's adults and people to help you. The school will help you," says Cymbaluk with tears streaming down her face.But Mark Nohner, the Fosston Superintendent says this just landed on his radar. Despite these parents claim that they've been trying to get something done about the bullying since December."I found out about the situation a couple of days ago and I think it could have been resolved without going to Facebook," says Nohner.But Cymbaluk says her daughter has visited her elementary principle nearly a half dozen times to describe what she's dealing with on the school bus and on the playground."She's been called into the principal and made to feel like it's her fault. She's been told to ignore it and disregard and to basically stuff your emotions down and get on with your life," says Cymbaluk."Can you tell me how many times you went in and told the principal?" Cymbaluk asked her daughter. "Like five," her daughter said. "What did they do about it?" her mom asked. "Nothing," her daughter responded.School officials admitted, that they dropped the ball in some respects."Obviously somewhere down the line it feel through the cracks. So we need to review our procedures and policies and do a better job articulating to the parents what we're doing," says Nohner.Two parents and a couple of kids are dealing with a problem that's happening everywhere. And Cymbaluk's daughter just hopes the message of her pain helps other kids understand how painful bullying can be."She said you know what I want. I want it to never happen to another kid again," says Cymbaluk.The school is looking into bullying allegations against a bus driver as well as a student.But because of student confidentiality laws the school says they can't elaborate on what disciplinary action could come against the alleged student bullies. Meanwhile, the family and Anna, the little girl who claims to have been bullied, hopes that all the students in Fosston will wear orange on Tuesday to show support for all kids who are bullied.Tuesday also happens to be her birthday and she would love to celebrate it with everyone showing like minded support.
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