34 men arrested for sexual acts at Lake Hefner park

Police arrest 34 people for sexual acts in a public place following a sting at Hobie Point. Including a high school coach, youth counselor, State Department of Health employee, and a corrections officer.

On Thursday, June 27, Oklahoma City Police received a tip after someone saw two men engaging in sexual relations on the road at Hobie Point. The caller was sailing on the lake with his two children on the boat when the three witnessed the act. Police say they've received several other complaints from people who live nearby.

Later that afternoon, members of the Hefner IMPACT unit set up a sting to catch people in the act. Throughout Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, police arrested 34 people for engaging in lewd acts at Hobie Point.

Photo gallery: see the 34 men arrested at Hobie Park

Three of those arrested were employees of the State of Oklahoma: Yankston Jesko, 37, works for the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Romeo Taguinod, 62, worked for the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office but was fired Tuesday following his arrest. Earnest Hall, 43, told police he was a coach at Stillwater High School, though the school told FOX 25 they've never had anyone employed in their district by that name. Guy Powell, 55, is a counselor at SW Youth & Family.

Many folks are shocked by the allegations.

"What? In broad daylight," said Deedee Haro.

She has never heard of Hobie Point but more seasoned fishers like Robert Williams know exactly what goes on there.

"I know I wouldn't be out there. That's one thing I can say."

Deedee is glad to see the arrests done but would like more action taken.

"I pay a lot of tax dollars and want to see our parks used for the right reasons for our kids. Not as free hotels."

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office said Taguinod was fired immediately after the incident. Officials with The State Department of Health said Jesko is still employed and Stillwater Schools said they have no record of Hall being employed by them.

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