2014 Endeavor Games kick off in Edmond

It's the largest multi-disability sporting event in the country, and for the 15th year it's being held here in the Metro. The 2014 Endeavor Games are officially underway at Oklahoma Christian University."Getting to be with other kids, nobody asks questions and they're here to have a great time," said Katrina Carr. Her two daughters are competing this year.To the outside world, people who participate in the Endeavor Games are different. Their physical disabilities put them at a disadvantage. But the one thing the Endeavor Games do best, is prove to the outside world that they're wrong."She wasn't comfortable with who she was, and when we got here and she saw all of these wonderful athletes competing she just blossomed," Carr said.Nearly 400 athletes are competing this year at sites across the Metro. There are also more events than ever before. Each competitor is being given the chance to come alive through sports, be it table tennis, archery, track and field, swimming, wheelchair basketball or others."A lot of the kids come here and find their heroes, and a lot of people come to really find who they are and what they're good at," said table tennis competitor Travis Ricks.Many athletes discover they can compete at the elite level, and it's happening right in our backyard."This is worth anything you can do to get here for your kiddo with a physical disability," Carr said. "It's so much of an empowerment to them.It's all about empowerment and a shot at a life they never knew they could have."They're not embarrassed about anything. They just say this is me and this is who I am and I'm ready to go out and give it my all," said Carr.To learn more about the Endeavor Games and see a schedule, click here.