18 year old woman arrested for suspicion of human trafficking

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics arrests a woman suspected of human trafficking. OBN say the woman is 18-year-old Brianna Carpenter and the victim is a juvenile."We're seeing tons of teenagers involved with prostitution and human trafficking, and I think social media is a huge problem," said John TV's Brian Bates.Bates says if Carpenter is convicted, she's a clear example of that growing trend. Bates says if you look at Carpenter's social media page it seems as though she is a normal, beautiful young woman."Many parents think if a potential human trafficker came home with their child one day they could recognize that threat," said Bates. "I have a feeling that [Carpenter] wouldn't send up any red flags."Bates says young people often don't understand the difference between prostitution and human trafficking. They don't understand how much more serious trafficking is."If you're convicted of that crime, whether you do time in prison or not, your future is pretty much ruined," Bates said.Bates thinks Carpenter probably thought she was just helping a friend make some extra money with no ill intentions. But with every trick turned, Bates says it gets harder and harder to get out."I think what we're probably going to find out is, we're going to find out about some youths involved in a circle of influence of friends who were up to bad things."For now, Carpenter is taking the fall. OBN hopes more arrests are made and it's investigating whether other juveniles are involved."We have someone who just last year was posing for selfies with their high school buddies, is now posing for mug shots for a very serious crime," said Bates.Bates thinks because only one arrest has been made, the juvenile was probably targeted by investigators because the teen may be a runaway or missing. He thinks Carpenter was the one helping the teen and most likely set up a sexual encounter.