15-year-old to country music: "There's no country music here"

Country music is one of the highest-grossing genres currently playing on the radio but critics are saying what's called country isn't really country. You can add a 15-year-old to that list.

Melody Williamson, a Nashville teenager, has posted a video to YouTube titled "There's no country music here".

In the song, she sings about hearing a banjo and guitar, typical instruments in country music, but says it doesn't sound like "anything my heroes would have sung".

The following is the refrain from the song:

Where's my country music gone?
I just don't know.
There's no feeling in our songs.
Where did it go?
When all we sing about
Is tractors, trucks, and beer,
I know there's no country here.

The song is also critical of song topics, language, and the integration of rap into country music.

The video was posted earlier this month and has amassed 15,000 views. Watch it above and tell us what you think! Would it make Waylon Jennings proud?