13-year-old Midwest City boy dead after accidental shooting

A 13-year-old boy is dead in the second accidental shooting in Oklahoma in the last week. You may remember the first was a 9-year-old girl who accidentally shot herself with her father's handgun. In this case, Midwest City Police say the 13-year-old was shot with an AR-15 Rifle."We received two really vague 911 calls and were able to decipher there was a possible shooting in the 4200 block of Shadybrook Dr," said Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes.When Midwest City Police got to the home on Thursday around 1:30 p.m. the 13-year-old victim was already dead. Police say he was shot once in the chest inside the garage where he and a 14 and 16-year-old were handling the weapon."A mixture of teenagers and weapons is typically a recipe for disaster," Chief Clabes said.Police say initially the other teens said the victim shot himself with the gun, but after questioning them separately, police say the 14-year-old accidentally fired the gun."They had a rifle inside the garage along with some other weapons and then it unintentionally discharged striking the victim."Police say the rifle used was stolen from a home in Midwest City in 2011. Right now investigators don't know how the gun ended up in the teens hands."The problem is they see them on video games and televisions and movies and there's no real consequences for the violent actions," said H&H Shooting Sports President Miles Hall.Hall says two recent accidental shootings highlight the need for parents to talk about gun safety with their kids. He says parents should stress one simple message if their child ever finds a gun."Stop, don't touch, leave the area, tell an adult," said Hall.Hall says no matter what you tell your child, often the curiosity of young minds wins out. Which is why he says locking up guns and ammunition is so important."This case is a tragedy not only for the victim and the victim's families, but everybody involved," said Chief Clabes. "Because it could have been avoided if they hadn't been dealing with the weapons."FOX25 did talk with the man police say the rifle was stolen from. He did not want to go on camera, but he was distraught over what happened. Police say the two other teens were released, and the case has been turned over to the district attorney. There is no word yet on if charges will be filed.
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