12-year-old writes thank you note to Jenks officer who recovered his bike

12-year-old Jonathan Rhinehart wrote this letter to Jenks officer Thomas Johnson.

A hand-written note is few and far between these days but a 12-year-old in Tulsa shows while it may be rare, it's not dead.

Jonathan Rhinehart penned the letter to Jenks Police Officer Thomas Johnson after someone rode off with his bike.

Jonathan and a friend were riding around town and left their bikes alone for about a minute; enough time for a thief to jump on take them for a ride. He said when it was missing, he was in shock.

"At first I was confused. I didn't know what to believe," Jonathan told KJRH.

So officer Thomas Johnson stepped in.

"This is one of those moments I will probably remember," Johnson said.

The two were strangers but Jonathan said the officer treated him like he knew him forever. The two had an instant bond and after his bike was recovered, the 12-year-old sat down and wrote the letter on his own. Here's what it read:

"Thank you so much for you kindness to help me find my bike." i couldn't' have found it without you. I hope we can find Ethan's bike soon."

A thank you note from the heart and one the officer won't forget.

"This will definitely stay with me. It will stay on my desk where I can see it every day," Officer Johnson said.

Now Jonathan's riding his bike again, knowing someone has his back.

"It's always nice to know that someone is there to protect you."

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