12-year-old Luther boy hosts hunting show

Lincoln Tapp, 12, stands on his ranch in Luther. (Fox25 photo/Keaton Fox)

12-year-old Lincoln Tapp is an expert with the bow and arrow.
He also just happens to host his own hunting show on cable.
"The inspiration behind YoungWild is to get youth interested in the outdoors," Tapp said.
Tapp and his family live in Luther. He got involved in hunting early on and fell in love with it right away.
"The hunting is the best part for me," Tapp said. "That's really what kind of my ball park,that's what I'm best at, so when I can get out and hunt and have people watch me do it, it's really amazing to be able to share my passion with others."
His passion led to interest from the Sportsman Channel who is documenting his attempt at a North American Super Slam. That's hunting 29 different species of big game. He's already on number 11.
That's a big feat, but his proudest achievement so far?
"The Yukon stone sheep," Tapp said. "That is the world record, my only world record, I was the youngest one to ever harvest one with archery equipment."
And while this young Oklahoman is an ace with the arrow, he still has plenty of time to be a kid. He just happens to be really, really good at his hobby.
He hopes his enthusiasm will catch on with kids his age.
"That's my dream. To get youth in the outdoors, because if there's no youth in the outdoors, there is no future to the sport."
Tapp's program airs Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on the Sportsman Channel.