10 horses missing from Lincoln County ranch

Timmi Baker's ranch in Lincoln County is empty Tuesday but sometime last week the Baker family says 10 horses were taken off the property near Sparks. Peppy, Fudge, and Ginger are just a few of the horses names and it is obvious these horses are like children to them, children they just want back at home. "People think they are animals, but they have personalities. They are human to me. Call me weird but they mean more to me than a lot of people I know," Baker said. Baker and her daughter walked through 80 acres of land yesterday looking for any sign of life. Out of the 11 horses on her ranch, Lil Bit is the only one she could find yesterday. "I have to tell a 6-year-old girl her horse is gone. I don't know if anybody has had to tell somebody that, that loves something so much," Baker said. She can't pinpoint the exact day the horses went missing or when the house on the property was ransacked but believes it was sometime last week. "They knew our routine, they had watched it and they knew enough to know when," Baker said.Baker, who has been in touch with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, says the horses are worth about 15 to 20 thousand dollars. Four of the horses are also show horses, but she says this isn't about money or fame to her, just pure love. "Bring them back, put them back in the pasture. I won't ask any questions, I'll drop all charges," Baker said. Her husband has also flown all over the state looking for horses in a private plane and Baker has plastered Facebook hoping to find leads. Her daughter Samantha says the pain she feels is unbearable. "It would be no different than me or one of my three siblings disappearing. That is our family, that is what we do everyday," Samantha said. If you have any information, you are asked to call the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department at 405-258-1191 or the family directly at 405-431-8465.
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